Project Description

Assigned with the exciting task of reimagining a Live TV interface, I collaborated closely with a Product Manager during a design sprint, drawing inspiration from TikTok and Instagram Reels to envision a more contemporary portrait format. Through intense brainstorming and meticulous requirement gathering, we developed a compelling mock-up that aimed to deliver a buffer-free, snappy user experience. To achieve this, we introduced pre-fetched video streams at lower bitrates above and below the main focus, minimizing buffering and maximizing performance. Taking into account engineering constraints during the phase 1 implementation, we made adjustments from the initial concept (the last two comps in the set). For instance, we considered the need for an algorithm to determine the optimal video cropping, ensuring seamless presentation in the portrait format. Additionally, we recognized contractual obligations from advertisers, particularly in consideration of XUMO's business model reliant on ad revenue. Our team was mindful of potential impacts on advertising revenue if parts of the ads were cropped, leading us to make thoughtful decisions to strike the right balance. The result is an interface that optimizes the user experience while respecting the practicalities of development and contractual considerations. Our Live TV interface mock-up is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative solutions while being pragmatic in our approach, creating a cutting-edge and user-friendly experience for the viewers.

Project Details

Project Date:

March 14, 2021