Project Description

In 2015, I had the privilege of leading an innovative project as the Senior Visual Design Manager and UX at MobiTV. We embarked on the ambitious mission of revolutionizing the television experience by creating a streaming Pay TV service that transitioned operators from conventional set-top boxes to the world of app-based television. As a key player in this venture, I managed a talented team of two product designers and a skilled UX engineer. Collaborating closely with engineering and product teams, as well as stakeholders across the company, I provided invaluable feedback and ideas that shaped the project's direction. Taking on a hands-on role, I donned my UX engineering hat and exclusively handled UI development work within Android Studio. This allowed us to push the boundaries of what was possible and deliver a cutting-edge user experience. The app's journey was an evolving one, driven by user feedback, business insights, and client requirements. Despite catering to multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, we succeeded in crafting an intuitive user interface that catered to the diverse needs of our customers – from the legacy users to the younger generation. The images displayed here offer a glimpse into our home, guide, browse, and details screens, showcasing the seamless user flow and experiences thoughtfully replicated across both iPhone and Android platforms. This project remains a testament to our team's dedication to pushing the frontiers of app-based television and creating a user-centric experience that continues to resonate with audiences across the globe. I take immense pride in our achievements and cherish the collaborative efforts that shaped this transformative streaming Pay TV service.

Project Details

Project Date:

March 25, 2021