Project Description

Project Overview: I had the opportunity to work on a design test for Network Optix, where I was tasked with designing a dark mode version of an existing integration marketplace. Although this project didn't involve formal user research, I leveraged market research and conversations with company stakeholders to create a well-informed design solution. Approach: To tackle this challenge, I followed a thorough design process that encompassed several key steps:
  1. Understanding the Context: I delved into the company's objectives, target audience, and market trends through in-depth market research. This step allowed me to grasp the bigger picture and identify opportunities for a strategic design approach.
  2. Collaboration: I engaged in meaningful discussions within Network Optix. By tapping into their insights and domain expertise, I gained valuable perspectives that informed the direction of the design.
  3. Conceptualization and Iteration: With a solid foundation of information, I embarked on the design journey, exploring various concepts and iterating on them. I ensured that each iteration aligned with the company's vision and goals.
  4. Visual Design and Presentation: The final design solution was brought to life through meticulous attention to visual design elements. I aimed to create a compelling and engaging visual representation that effectively communicated the intended message.
Outcome: Although no formal user research was conducted due to the nature of the project, the design test showcased my ability to synthesize information from multiple sources and translate it into a thoughtful design. The resulting solution not only met the project's objectives but also demonstrated my dedication to delivering impactful design work.

Project Details

Project Date:

February 1, 2023