Project Description

In 2015, I played a pivotal role at MobiTV in developing a groundbreaking streaming Pay TV service, ushering operators from around the globe into the realm of app-based television. By leaving behind the outdated and burdensome set-top boxes, the Pay TV service revolutionized user experiences, placing customers at the forefront of this exciting new territory. As the Senior Visual Design Manager and UX specialist, I led a talented team consisting of two product designers and a skilled UX engineer. Collaborating closely with designers, engineering, and our product team, I provided valuable feedback and ideas that drove the project's success. My passion for UX extended to donning my UX engineering hat, assuming sole responsibility for UI development work within Android Studio. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, fueled by continuous user feedback and a focus on business and client needs, has driven the app's evolution. The dynamic nature of this project, with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, did not hinder our efforts to craft an intuitive user interface that catered to both older, legacy customers and the younger generation. The images displayed showcase the results of our efforts – an impressive media player with menu, a home/featured screen, a comprehensive guide, and detailed screens. The user flow and experience were thoughtfully replicated across various platforms, including Android TV, Fire TV, tvOS, and Roku. This project remains a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences and staying at the forefront of the streaming television industry. As the app continues to evolve, our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to be the driving force behind its success.

Project Details

Project Date:

March 3, 2021