Project Description

Crafted with expertise and creativity, I designed and developed a captivating landing page using Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Flash to support the exciting product launch of Doritos' Flavor Shots. With a focus on visual appeal and user engagement, the landing page served as a dynamic gateway to introduce customers to this thrilling new product. Leveraging Adobe Creative Suite's powerful tools, I crafted stunning graphics, captivating imagery, and eye-catching animations that conveyed the essence of Flavor Shots. Using Adobe Flash, I brought the landing page to life with seamless interactivity and engaging elements that immersed visitors in the world of Doritos' Flavor Shots. The result was an immersive and memorable experience that left a lasting impression on users, encouraging them to explore and engage with the new product. Throughout the design and development process, I maintained a strong emphasis on aligning the landing page with Doritos' brand identity and product messaging, ensuring a cohesive and compelling user journey. This landing page project stands as a testament to my skills in utilizing industry-leading design software to create impactful digital experiences. I take immense pride in contributing to the success of Doritos' Flavor Shots' launch and crafting a memorable landing page that resonated with customers and left them eager to try this exciting new product.

Project Details

Project Date:

May 18, 2020