Project Description

As a part of the mobile marketing company, ipsh!, a proud subsidiary of Omnicom and The Marketing Arm, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Dallas Cowboys to create an exhilarating text-2-screen application. This exciting application ran during the games on the team's massive HD screens at the center of the field, fostering real-time interactions between fans and the game. Using my expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite, I meticulously designed and developed this cutting-edge application, employing Adobe Flash and ActionScript to craft a standalone app that seamlessly integrated with the game experience. Fans actively participated by sending in texts and images, which were then displayed in real-time on the grand screens, magnifying their engagement and fostering a profound sense of connection with the team. To facilitate this dynamic interaction, I utilized APIs to transmit the incoming texts and images to the application in an instant, ensuring smooth and swift display on the HD screens. This project stands as a remarkable achievement, showcasing my ability to merge creativity and technical prowess to create unforgettable fan experiences. Working in collaboration with the Dallas Cowboys, I took immense pride in contributing to this exhilarating text-2-screen application, making game days even more electrifying for fans and reinforcing the bond between the team and its dedicated supporters.

Project Details


Dallas Cowboys, ipsh!

Project Date:

May 18, 2020